Mission Statement

At The Patch, our mission is to create a quality environment that fosters a warm-hearted, family fun atmosphere. We aim to create experiences for all generations of families and individuals to share through entertainment, inspiration and information while having an unforgettable time together creating lifelong memories.

Core Values

Integrity – Warmth/Compassion – Experiential – Education – Quality of Excellence – Creativity

Meet the Smiths!

​Kansas natives and now proud Coloradans, we have long dreamed of owning a beautiful ranch at which we could build a family pumpkin patch. Our family invites your family to our ranch in Kiowa, Colorado — hoping to provide you with a new tradition.

Dusty Smith

“We both grew up in Kansas in the suburbs, but spent lots of time at our grandparents’ farms. They let us have all the fun without having to do all the work! Growing up, our own kids did not get that farm experience early on.”

Dusty has worked with healthcare organizations across the country to provide information resources to them so they can provide the best care for their patients.

Kathy Smith

“We moved out to Colorado in 2011.  When you listen to just one too many country songs, you end up buying a place in the country. A pumpkin patch always sounded like fun if we could host it at our home.”

Kathy’s background is in elementary education. She has served on the Legacy Academy school board for several years and helped coordinate their school carnivals and other events. Her time is spent at home on the ranch caring for the animals and land. Running The Patch takes a lot of time and energy and Kathy is at the helm.

We wanted to create a place where families can put their everyday routines aside and spend time together playing, laughing, and connecting. Our goal is to strengthen families in our community by providing a place where they can come play and have fun together with multiple generations on grandpa’s farm.