You can wander through the Patch looking for just the perfect pumpkins to take home! This year we’ll have the following unique varieties: Cinderella, Jarrahdale, African Boer, One Too Many, Wee Bee Littles, Pies and Jacks. Prices range from $1 to $24 — the average pumpkin is about $12. Note that we sell them by size!

Fun with Pumpkins!
  • We love our Cinderella pumpkins — they are shaped like Cinderella’s coach as depicted by Disney! Slightly flat with deep orange rind and deep ribs.
  • Jarrahdale pumpkins are an heirloom variety named after a town in Australia. They can be a mystical pale blue or green.
  • An African Boer pumpkin is flattish with a white skin and dense buttery textured flesh. These store very well — and make great pies!
  • It’s said that the One Too Many pumpkin looks like a bloodshot eyeball! They are plumpy round with a distinctive speckled coloring.
  • The Wee Be Littles are just that — little bitty, unbearably cute and totally edible! Buy a basket full of them!