More than aMAZEing!

Dragons in the Corn gets new meaning this year with the publication of Grant Smith’s new book! We are celebrating his venture with a dragon design for this year’s maze.

Our maze is carved into a whopping 4 acres of tall corn stalks! We put activity stations along the paths with fun facts and quizzes to help you choose a direction for your exploration. Besides the large maze, we plant a mini-maze for younger guests.

About the book:

A young Earth Dragon was abandoned by his father and raised in the Fire Dragon wasteland. Because he was different, all of the Fire Dragons would bully him, even his own guardian. The only place he could seek refuge was his school, where he meets a friend. Soon afterward, they decide to run away, looking for the truth about his father. There the adventure begins.

You can click to purchase Dragons of Power!
Bring your book to the farm this Fall to have it signed by the author!

From the author, young Grant Smith:
“Ever since I was young, I’ve always loved the thrill of the story. After reading Wings of Fire, by Tui T. Suthernland, I was inspired to really start this series, and I began to write it. Soon, it took off! Ideas popped into my head everyday and after a year of writing, the first book to this amazing journey was finished.” (Grant is pictured above.)